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What We Do

How Does It Work?

Vehicle sourcing made simple. A bespoke find vehicle to order operation, one communication with BSA and the entire running around / searching process is done for you. This covers all manufacturers for cars and light commercial vehicles.


What's The Cost?

In most cases nothing to you or your client, as BSA strives to achieve a modest commission / intro fee from the dealer.


Discount & Terms, etc.

These are generally all at national competitive rates. Price On Application.


What's In It For The Dealers?

Additional business which they have incurred NO additional advertising/marketing expenses.


What's In It For You - The Client?

Saving time, energy and expense in telephone calls, as well as the intangible benefits connected in time saving, not to mention the stress, but perhaps with the added financial advantage of BSA buying power.

Private Location Consultation Suite

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