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Customer Terms and Conditions

BSA hereby rejects any terms and conditions which you propose to incorporate into the contract or which you have provided or indicated will form the basis of the contract.

BSA will not contract on any other terms save for those set out below.

Any attempt whether orally or in writing to amend, misapply or modify these terms or to replace or incorporate different or additional terms shall not be effective and shall not form part of, or alter the contract.

Any terms, which you attempt to incorporate when you order a vehicle, shall not apply to the contract and these terms shall apply in their place.

Any subsequent paperwork, which you require to be completed and which sets out details of the vehicle and charges, shall not form part of the contract and shall be completed and submitted to you for confirmation purposes only. Even if some of the details had not previously been stated on BSA’s vehicle acceptance/order. Any attempt by you to incorporate your terms and conditions at that stage shall be ineffective.

Completed details on the BSA ‘Quotation/Order form’, signed, dated will be deemed confirmation of your acceptance to the BSA Terms & Conditions.

You should not sign the confirmation on the ‘delivery advice’ of a vehicle if firstly, you do not have receipt of all completed and correct customer signed finance documentation including deposit payments. Secondly, you should not sign if you do not accept these terms and conditions and do not wish to be bound by them. A signed ‘delivery advice’ confirmation of the vehicle shall be deemed conclusive evidence of your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

BSA does not accept any liability for cancellation fees enforced from a supplying dealer on any order. In the event of a cancellation, a charge will be made to you ‘the client’ if enforced by the supplying dealer.

If you cancel two weeks or more after the initial placement with BSA, then there will be a £100 plus VAT ‘administration charge’. This is due to administrative costs in the order process.

If BSA has to charge a separate ‘consultancy fee’ invoiced to you the customer, this must be honoured irrespective of any problems or late payment to you, the client.

The supplying dealer will drive vehicles on delivery, unless otherwise agreed with the supplying dealer and specified by you in writing within a reasonable time scale prior to the delivery date.

If a vehicle is not to be registered and invoiced to a main leasing company then a supplying dealer may require payment/cleared funds prior to delivery.

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