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Meet The Team

Ben Smith



As the principal contact for the past 21 years he has amassed a huge acknowledge across many manufacturers on general availability, pricing, options and dealer contacts. With his old school, keeping it simply 'customer is king' type mantra and the basic sales philosophy's are part of who he is. When Ben’s not at work he enjoys spending time with Yvonne, despite working together most of the time, they rarely seem to catch a word with each other during the working day! Away from work he enjoys shopping, he does like his clothes... live music, classic car events and weekends away. At home he loves pottering about outside with his dogs and watching TV. Ben likes to keep fit and indeed goes to the gym three times a week, he holds a third degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won, and also does a bit of clay shooting but he is a pretty rubbish at that.

Yvonne Smith



The reason Ben rarely catches a word with Yvonne is because as well as running the administration for BSA she also manages the staff within their other business interests and despite just still have one of their three children at home; their daughter Brooke, she is heavily involved in her aspiring music education and career. Beyond the office, like Ben enjoys shopping and weekends away, (just as well really)...and sparkles with her passion for quality jewellery  At home she also enjoys TV whilst simultaneously playing games on her phone / iPad thing with a Chihuahua on her lap and a very handsome border terrier by her feet.  Keeping fit is also important to her, as she loves Zumba and is also a regular gym goer.

Connor Smith

IT / Systems Specialist / Service Adviser 


Connor is the eldest son of Ben and Yvonne, born in 1993.. his demeanour would make you believe that he kind of turned twenty and forty on the same day. He is married to Leonela and they are both mad about dogs. He is madly in love.. ... with his Basset hound .. Luna, and we think he quite likes Leo too. He is primarily involved in the running of the family's Jewellery / pawn broking business but is now actively gaining knowledge and helping out a couple of days a week with BSA.  Outside of work, he enjoys 'gaming' and anything dog related.

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