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Dealer Terms and Conditions

Be advised that we expect you the supplying dealer to provide a credit facility for the company detailed in the Invoice to on our order unless otherwise challenged at point of sale

BSA hereby rejects any terms and conditions which you propose to incorporate into the contract or which you have provided or indicated will form the basis of the contract.

BSA will not contract on any other terms save for those set out below.

Any attempt whether orally or in writing to amend, misapply or modify these terms or to replace or incorporate different or additional terms shall not be effective and shall not form part of, or alter the contract.

BSA’s request to you to quote for a vehicle shall constitute an invitation to treat. Your response whether written or verbal shall constitute an offer. Submission of BSA’s vehicle acceptance/order form to you shall constitute acceptance of your offer.

Any terms, which you attempt to incorporate when you quote for the vehicle, shall not apply to the contract and these terms shall apply in their place.

BSA will endeavour to include full details on the vehicle acceptance/order but some details may need to be agreed later such as delivery dates. This shall not affect the contract between the parties that is formed when BSA’s acceptance is communicated to you as set out above.

Any subsequent paperwork, which you require to be completed and which sets out details of the vehicle and charges, shall not form part of the contract and shall be completed and submitted to you for confirmation purposes only. Even if some of the details had not previously been stated on BSA’s vehicle acceptance/order. Any attempt by you to incorporate your terms and conditions at that stage shall be ineffective.

You should not despatch the vehicle if you do not accept these terms and conditions and do not wish to be bound by them. Despatch of the vehicle shall be deemed conclusive evidence of your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

BSA nor BSA's clients (as stipulated on the order as (''On behalf of") do not accept any liability for cancellation of any order.

BSA's consultancy fee must be paid within 7 days after you/the supplying dealer has been paid.

BSA does not accept liability for late payment of any vehicles.

BSA's consultancy fee must be honoured irrespective of any problems or late
payment to the you/the supplying dealer.

BSA require a weekly report on all vehicle's on order with you/the supplying dealer

BSA must be informed immediately of any delays on vehicles ordered.

Prices, terms, delivery method and delivery dates must be adhered to - charges will be incurred for delays, inconvenience on agreed delivery times.

Vehicles must be prepared, valeted and presented in a professional manner; invoices will be forwarded for vehicles that require further valeting after delivery.

Vehicles to be delivered complete with all handbooks, service books (fully stamped and up to date), at least two sets of keys, including the ''red" key if applicable and floor mats

Statement of intent

Be advised that we are NOT engaged with the import or export of any vehicles.

Any 'due diligence' procedures are positively welcomed and moreover will be fully supported by BSA

Be advised that we are a consultancy, we are NOT a 'wholesaler' or 're-seller' we simply provide the introduction and in turn administration, you the dealer will always invoice and register directly to the client / funder.

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